Rusting Peacefully


'Rusting Peacefully' (2014)

From the exhibition weatheRED

'The work reaches for a connection to my mother through my daughters that is tenuous, and for all purposes imagined and also non – existent. It is a fantasy.

The girls are dressed in old style white cotton dresses reminiscent of nighties. The youngest is aged ten at the time the photos were taken. The photos were my first step in reconnecting with my arts practise after many years of it weathering on the back fence.
So, startled and impressed with my photographs I wondered what to do with them. Using pieces of metal that had literally been rusting on the fence I merged the images together using my computer. This seemed to cement the idea that I could create work with photographs and manipulate them digitally.

Where is my mother now? Does she exist in the world of spirit?  Where is this? Is it close? Can some of it bleed through into this world and vice versa? The images took on the prospect of moving, moving through – inbetween- what would this look like, how would it happen?

Was it the feeling of some presence drawing near but when you turned to face it there’s nothing there? Was it the same as seeing something out of the corner of your eye – something in random markings -stains on the wall.
Pareidolia – a word which means seeing figures, faces in non-homogenous surfaces.'

Medium: Two photographs merged together and realised as an Archival Print

Dimensions: 390mm x 290mm

Limited edition of 20 prints.