Nina Avalon

Nina was born in Kutina, Croatia in 1987. She grew up in Hawke's bay, New Zealand. After completing a degree in linguistics and second language ed in 2009, she moved to Melbourne.

'I was never into art, and far far from any good at it. i spent 29 years of my life having no idea i had a passion for drawing. i found out in march 2017 by accident. i drew (more like, scribbled) Beyoncé one night for a laugh, posted it on social media, and it took off from there. my drawings were so well received and i enjoyed drawing so much that i simply couldn't stop, and five months down the track, i won't be stopping any time soon.' 
She primarily draws pop culture figures, but also does caricatures of people and pets. 'The strangest thing i've ever been asked to draw was somebody's pet guinea pig.'