Lahn U-Holyrod

The human anatomy has always been the foundation of Lahn’s work and creative process. Her history in fashion design and current work as a soft tissue therapist and movement instructor have fostered her understanding of the three dimensional form into a two dimensional representation.

Lahn has continued to develop her painting style over the years, taking inspiration from various established artists and producing work that has progressed to show a deeper narrative of her chosen themes and subject matter. Her current work compels itself to reach a wider audience to promote conversation and integration between the past and present, an established and developing culture.

Lahn is often reminded that life can be simultaneously serious and joyful and as a result, she sometimes tries to infuse these two states of being into her paintings. The journey of discovery through her art takes Lahn onto two different paths. The first, a series of still life paintings which reflects her personal journey of fusing her Asian background with a modern Australian lifestyle, resulting in a hybrid of cultures, one with no set rules dictating behaviours and customs.

The second, shown through a series of portraits, taking a two pronged approach exploring the concept of personal space and how its interpretation can be dependent on a person’s gender, culture, personal relationships and physical manifestation. Then another series showing the positive and resilient side of individuals and their journey through personal adversity. With so many factors influencing the journey, who knows where Lahn will end up at the end of it.