Cherry Demir

Cherry is a Melbourne based artist. Her love for art was fostered early on in my childhood. It was her environment supported my passion for nature, providing a plethora of subjects whether it be the bugs and spiders that consistently persisted on residing in her house, despite her mother’s desperate eradication exercises, to the rich green fauna of the Australian landscape in their backyard. Cherry would paint, sketch and analyse all creatures and objects for hours, picking up on the differing hues of greens, browns, yellows and other beautiful colours nature had on display.

'My journey into painting began with acrylic paints, and I loved the fact that acrylics provided for a fast drying component that enabled paintings to finish quick, and the final product was instantly visible. Always afraid to delve into oil paints, my aunt, who was an amazing artist, convinced me to try. Once I began painting in oils, it was impossible to imagine painting with another medium. Oils provided for the richness and spontaneity that I longed for in my work. The rich colours, which tended to evolve through the journey of a painting, dependant on the undertones, or mixture of other colours were amazing; the richness and texture that the oils provided further enhanced my work into another dimension.'

Painting, for Cherry, is a continual learning journey, and her style and understanding of a subject changes through the process of creation. This is why she tends to work on a number of paintings at the same time. Cherry's subjects tend to be more wildlife and nature, because their wonderment and beauty never cease to amaze her.