Adriana Maruzzi

Adriana Maruzzi is a Melbourne based illustrator with a love for fashion, food, family and friends. She has qualifications in graphic design and professional drawing as well as having studied fine art and fashion illustration. Adriana is passionate about combining fashion with people and moods. She illustrates by hand, with beautiful quality inks, paints, brushes, pencils and paper. She has put together her own original range of fashion illustrated prints. She also loves to live fashion illustrate at special events.

Adriana finds beauty in silhouettes of fashion and appreciates white space. Studying design has given her work a strong sense of balance and contrast. She starts off with a sketch of a fashion photo that has inspired her, then uses paints, watercolours or inks to fill in the rest of the image but always leaving some white space.

Adriana is inspired by strong, talented and creative fashion designers who create beautiful pieces. Her grandfather and father were painter/decorators, restoring old churches in Italy and her grandmother was a seamstress, so she’s grown with her grandmother and mother always making her beautiful clothes and has always had a passion for art.